What is Dry Eye Syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome occurs as a result of insufficient tear production, which leads to an inadequate lubrication of the eye necessary to maintain a healthy eye surface. The condition may present with chronic symptoms such as irritation and discomfort, dryness, and sensitivity to light. Other factors which can induce the condition include age, environmental conditions, certain medications and long-term use of contact lenses. Advanced dry eye syndrome can damage the surface layer of the eye with the potential to impair vision.

Is Dry Eye Treatment Permanent?

Dry eye syndrome cannot be cured, but symptoms can thankfully be well managed. Patients are encouraged to discuss any health issues they might have with their eye specialist when determining the appropriate course of action.

What are my Treatment Options for Dry, Itchy, Irritated or Watery Eyes?

Your Eye & Laser Centre ophthalmologist will plan the best treatment for dry eyes. Treatment may include the increase of tear production, maintenance of tear film volume or prevention of excess tear loss.

Available treatments include:

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

IPL is the new development of technology in this field. This device emits a bright light of a particular wavelength, which is applied to the skin around the eyes. This non-invasive treatment is quick, gentle and provides long-lasting relief for dry eye sufferers. The IPL light is bright, therefore the eyes are protected by special eye shields during treatment. This process stimulates the secretion of new tears and contraction of the glands promoting normal function, thus relieving the eyes from dryness.

The treatment, lasting up to 18 months, invariably needs about three exposures for optimum results. This process can be repeated depending on the patient's needs.

Artificial Tears

A wide variety of lubricating eye drops and ointments are available for use.

Punctal Occlusion

Used to treat moderate symptoms. Small plugs can be inserted into the tear duct of the eye. This aids dry eye by increasing the tear film and moisture of the eye surface.

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